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We are the five people strategically located to assist and support the 240 plant operations directors—from our phones and computers or in person. We know your facilities— inside and out. So whether it's a power outage, a storm, equipment behaving badly or everyday operations, we can help.

As part of UHS Design and Construction we also provide:

Operational Assistance and Audits
Regulatory Environment of Care Audits
Infrastructure Needs Assessments and Planning
Director of Plant Operations Skill Mentoring
Energy and Utility Cost Management
Policy and Procedure Updates and Training
Building Codes and Standards Advice
Disaster Recovery Assistance

Sharing information is a critical step for consistently working to improve healthcare services, patient safety and medical staff capabilities.

Operational Assistance and Audits—Facilities Management can help with operational needs and standards. If your DPO needs assistance with any facilities issues, we can lend our expertise to help resolve the situation. We can perform operational audits of the facilities engineering function at your hospital, and review operational standards, appropriate staffing levels, proper equipment maintenance, compliance with UHS standards and procedures and more.

Regulatory Environment of Care Audits—A key part of the support we provide is for the Environment of Care and Life Safety features of your hospitals. We regularly visit hospitals to perform thorough audits in these areas to help keep you continually ready for visits from national, state and local regulatory agencies.

Infrastructure Needs Assessments and Planning—UHS Facilities Management maintains an inventory of major infrastructure components for your hospital. Using this inventory and expected equipment life, we can predict the optimum time to replace major equipment and systems before a catastrophic failure. This will result in less emergency repair and replacement work, and leads to improved cost-containment and fewer service disruptions.

Director of Plant Operations Skill Mentoring—The Facilities Management team is available to help train and develop DPOs in regulatory compliance, policy writing, and operations management. We will hold periodic new hire orientation training for new DPOs to help familiarize them with UHS policy, regulatory requirements and operational standards.

Energy and Utility Cost Management—We are available to help manage energy costs from both the supply side (energy delivery costs) and demand side (energy consumption reductions). We use HealthTrust's Energy Group to manage natural gas and electricity purchases in deregulated markets. On the demand side, we can assist in identifying energy savings projects that offer reasonable payback periods, and in the replacement of older, less efficient equipment.

Policy and Procedure Updates and Training—Facilities Management has developed a DPO manual that contains policy and procedure templates and operational standards. This manual, along with additional binders to store important documents, provides our DPOs with the tools they need to run a successful regulatory program and remain in compliance at all times. Up-to-date contents of this manual are also available updated on the Facilities Engineering Team Site on SharePoint.

Building Codes and Standards Advice—UHS Facilities Management is available to assist with any building and fire safety codes, or standards interpretations that may arise when performing minor projects or when dealing with building officials. If a building official challenges our code compliance, it is best to get Facilities Management involved before agreeing to their demands. Often, there is a misinterpretation of the codes and we are sometimes able to find alternative and less costly methods of complying than originally expected.

Disaster Recovery Assistance—When a disaster such as flood or fire strikes, your first step should be to immediately report the event to the UHS Insurance Department. The Insurance Department will help decide whether or not to send a corporate adjuster to evaluate the damage. The Facilities Management team is available to assist with disaster mitigation and recovery efforts, and in the event of a major disaster at your hospital—such as flood, fire, storm damage, utility outage or failure or other incident—can help coordinate emergency repairs as well as long-term repair and replacement plans.

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